Our strict standards for top quality suppliers ensures that every product is free from harmful toxins, pollutants and animal cruelty, but also crafted in accordance with our ethical and sustainability values. 

Lily & Loaf offers only premium, natural, eco-friendly products that are free from questionable manufacturing methods used in many mass-produced products today.

We want our customers to buy with confidence, and the assurance that every purchase from Lily & Loaf offers effective, ethical products of the highest purity, quality and integrity. Because of this, we feel it is important to bring clarity to terms which can sometime be misused in the health, wellbeing and skincare industries.


The definition of a natural substance is one which exists in, or is caused by nature; not artificial, disguised or altered.

Natural products are those created using botanically sourced ingredients currently existing in or formed by nature, without the use of synthetic chemicals, and manufactured in such a way as to preserve the integrity of the ingredients.


Defined as produced without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers or synthetic chemicals. Products labelled as organic must contain a high percentage of organic ingredients, only the minimum of synthetic ingredients and processing, and provide clear labelling.

The ingredients used in organic beauty products must have been harvested from plants grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides, or inorganic fertilisers, and prepared without the use of preservatives.

Expert Advisory Board

An extension of our home team, and an amazing resource for product formulation and support are our brilliant, independent Advisory Board members. A group of highly qualified and experienced scientists, herbalists, practitioners, and health consultants with a wealth of expert knowledge and experience.