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Just like us our pets can feel the cold during the winter, so we need to keep them safe and warm to keep them healthy and happy.   

Dog walking is a great way to get daily exercise for us and our pets, but when walking in cold, wet or snowy weather they need a bit of extra attention. Fine haired dogs may need a coat for extra warmth, dry them off well, and check toes for snow and ice, and salty grit and dirt from roads.  

Older dogs can suffer in cold weather, especially when they have stiff, aching joints, but nutritional support for pets can help.  Nutri-Pets Joint Support advanced formula includes Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin and Curcumin to support joint health, mobility and wellbeing. 

Seasonal activities around Bonfire night and Halloween can cause pets distress, and the hectic activities around Christmas and New Year can also be a little overwhelming.  Nutritional support that contains good levels of natural calming ingredients can be of benefit to dogs during stressful times. 

Nutri-Pets Canine Calming provides gentle, natural support to keep your dog in a constant, peaceful state of mind, and comes in a delicious chicken flavour that your dog will love.  Canine Calming contains Taurine which has a positive effect on dopamine levels producing a calming and stabilising effect, making it an ideal supplement for calming hyperactive and anxious pets. It also contains L-theanine, a type of amino acid that has become a popular ingredient in calming formulas for its effectiveness in reducing anxiety in dogs.

And remember to keep their coat and skin in tip top condition with Omega Oils.  A healthy balanced diet can help to maintain good health and a glossy coat, but some essential nutrients such as essential fatty acids EPA and DHA can be lacking in regular pet foods.

Nutri-Pets Omega 369 is a high quality supplement for pets, with generous levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9 providing essential fatty acids EPA and DHA, Alpha Linoleic acids, Oleic Acid, and vitamin E to protect cells from free radical damage, and helping to maintain good health and an enviable glossy coat.


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