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A healthy lifestyle with a wholesome diet, regular exercise, and a good amount of restful sleep are important factors in building a strong immune system. A plentiful supply of antioxidant vitamins A, C & E work in harmony to support immune health, and essential minerals such as selenium, iron, folic acid and zinc are required to support a healthy immune system.

And to be sure that you’re getting enough of the right nutrients to keep your immune system in tip top condition choose a reliable daily nutrition formula like Super Supplemental - a balanced profile of 23 vitamins, minerals along with essential nutrients in each tablet to offer you maximum daily nutritional support and bridge any gaps in your daily diet. Alternatively, Solstic Nutrition provides a wide range of nutrients in a great tasting drink.
Remember, stress can have a negative effect on our wellbeing and our immune strength, as it affects the immune response, and reduces our ability to fight off invaders, making us vulnerable to bacteria, germs and viruses.
Nutri-Calm is a top selling, formula with B Vitamins and Chamomile to help bring calm when things become challenging.


Natural organic essential oils can be a delightful way to soothe, calm and relax mind and body. Sweet fruity Mandarin helps reduce anxiety, negativity, tension and stress helping to create calm and contentment. 

Sweet, fragrant Chamomile and Lavender have been used for centuries to bring about calm and relaxation, and Patchouli offers a soothing, warm, musky fragrance to create calm and peace with a balancing effect on emotions.

Mix a few drops of your favourite essential oil with a natural carrier oil for a sensational soothing massage, or diffuse to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. A drop of Lavender and Geranium in your moisturiser makes a simple, soothing foot massage. Or add a couple drops to the melting wax of a pillar candle to fill the air with a delightful, soothing fragrance.



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