Key System Products for Fitness

Fitness plays a significant role in your overall health and wellbeing. Our key system products for fitness can help improve your energy levels, endurance and physical condition.

Nutritional support for your circulatory system

Your heart and circulatory system are vital to good overall health and physical fitness. If you have a strong heart and healthy circulation, you’ll be able to perform daily tasks with ease,  exercise for longer and recover faster. You’ll also have more energy, improved mental function and be able to sleep better.

The key to achieving good circulatory health is to combine physical activity with a healthy diet. Keeping your heart active and your blood pumping will help ensure your cells and muscles get all the oxygen and nutrients they need to thrive. Our key system product for the circulatory system has been developed with your cardiovascular  health in mind. It provides generous levels of the essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and plant extracts to support heart health and better circulation, and boost your energy levels.

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Nutritional support for your respiratory system

Your lungs work in tandem with your heart to keep the rest of your body healthy. If you have a strong pair of lungs and a healthy respiratory system, it will ensure your body gets the oxygen it needs to function correctly and act as your first line of defence against any airborne viruses and infections. Good respiratory health supports a wide range of essential body functions. If you look after your lungs, you’re more likely to have fewer breathing problems – which can quickly develop into severe health issues – later in life.

However, maintaining a healthy respiratory system can be challenging. Our key system product for the respiratory system provides specific nourishment for the lungs, to promote healthy lung function and protect the body from seasonal airborne bugs and other pollutants.

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Nutritional support for your structural system

The structural system is made up of the bones and joints on which your muscles and other tissues are built.

It protects your vital organs and cells and enables your body to move and carry out the day-to-day activities we sometimes take for granted. Without a strong and healthy structural system, it would be a struggle to climb the stairs, do the housework or walk around the garden, for example, and would make strenuous exercise near on impossible.

The key to maintaining healthy bones is getting plenty of exercise to strengthen them and ensuring your diet also contains enough vital nutrients to help them develop and grow. Our key system product for the structural system provides a unique and comprehensive blend of nutrients that help develop strong bones and joints and combat the ageing processes that hamper strength and flexibility.

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