Healthy Living For Children

Your children are precious gifts, so you want to keep them happy and healthy so they can enjoy their lives and develop into strong and confident adults. So, ensuring they get the right balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the early years of their development can be tricky. Such vital nutrients are crucial for the development of skin, bones, teeth, gums and joints, as well as promoting good brain, immune and nervous system function and a healthy metabolism, boosting energy and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Yet even the healthiest of diets, that are rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, can still lack the vital nutrients that children need to stay healthy and strong. What’s more, as any parent knows, getting your little ones to actually eat the things that are good for them can be a real challenge. Your children are, after all, more interested in eating things that are naughty, tasty and fun. That’s where our range of Healthy Rascals supplements comes in. They can help you ensure that your little ones are getting all the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a fun and healthy way.

Help your children develop & grow

Our range of Healthy Rascals chewable super bears are full of natural vitamins, minerals and superfoods to complement your children’s diet and give them all the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development.

Lily & Loaf’s unique and natural multivitamin formula contains all the vital vitamins your child needs, including Vitamins A, C, D, E and B-Complex, along with a host of other essential nutrients to enhance their health and wellbeing.
They use premium, naturally sourced ingredients which are free from dairy, soy, gluten, wheat and other common allergens, contain no GM ingredients and include only natural colours and flavours.
Best of all, they come in the form of soft, chewy, fruity, tasty gummy bears which children love to eat, meaning they get their daily dose of vitamins and minerals with a minimum of fuss.

Enhancing your children’s health and wellbeing is the best investment you can make as a parent.
Lily & Loaf’s Healthy Rascals range will help you to complement their diet and their active lifestyle to give them the best start in life.